The Johnson Su Bioreactor Compost Project


This year the Eco-Regenerative Learning Center will be focusing on helping individuals get started on biological gardening by providing high quality, biologically active compost to the community. This compost will be made using the Johnson Su Bioreactor developed by Dr. David Johnson of New Mexico State University along with his wife Hui-Chun Su Johnson. The resulting compost has a very high fungal to bacteria ratio which is needed in our harsh dry environment. Why is that important? Come to our workshops given throughout the season for the explanation of how and why. See our events page for dates and times of our biological gardening workshops.


Dryland Biological Farming Testing Project


In our demonstration garden we will be doing tests on biological farming that we hope will provide a visual demonstration of the benefits of biological farming compared to conventional organic farming. Test plots will be started with different combinations of garden bed preparations with rainfall as the only source of water for all plots. Plots will include no preparations (a control), mulching, soil aeration using a broad fork, applications of biology, and combinations of each. Soil biological assessments will be done on all plots before the start of the season and after. It will be interesting to see these results.

Arroyo Erosion Control and Swale Building Project

As anyone who has visited the Eco-Regenerative Learning Center can tell you, we have an erosion problem we must fix. In particular, we have a deep, steep-sided arroyo dividing the land that is growing and threatening Candy Kitchen Road, the main entrance to the Candy Kitchen Community. Pending funding through grants and donations, we have come up with a plan we wish to implement in 2019 that would not only stop this erosion but also help re-hydrate the land. Click here for more information.

The Demonstration Garden Project


The Demonstration Garden Project is starting up this year. Now that we have rainwater collection and a backup well, we will be demonstrating growing food in our climate. All food produced at the Learning Center will be donated to the Candy Kitchen Food Pantry to be distributed among those in need.

The Saturday Workshops Project

The Saturday Workshops Project is going on its third year at the Eco-Regenerative Learning Center. The workshops provide instructions on gardening in our climate, rainwater harvesting, erosion control, and food related health issues. See our Events page for a list of this year's workshops.

Pictures from Our 2018 Projects