2022 Calendar of Events

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Work in Beauty’s

Eco-Regenerative Learning Center

2022 Workshop Schedule

Work in Beauty Workshops to Resume May 7th

Workshops at Work in Beauty’s Eco-Regenerative Learning Center will resume May 7th. This year we have moved the workshops to the morning, 9am to 11am. This is in response to the fact that the afternoon workshops were often rained out during the monsoon. You will still have time to go to the Ramah Farmers Market after the workshops. Here is the schedule for May:

May 7th – Welcome Back – Short talk on environmental restoration and bringing back the rain. Also, a talk on how regenerative agriculture works and how it is applied at the Eco-Regenerative Learning Center. Group discussion on growing in our environment.

May 14th – Working in the Community Garden – Hands on working in the community garden – prepping beds for the coming growing season.

May 21st – Rainwater Harvesting Earthworks – Talk on the eight principles of rainwater harvesting. Applying those principles by setting up rainwater capture in the new native food forest.

May 28th – Native Food Forest – Talk on what is a food forest. Discussion on native foods and medicinals. Hands on planting in the new native food forest.

There will be no workshops in the month of June due to the no-see-ums. July schedule coming soon.