Work in Beauty is a 501C3 based in New Mexico. Work in Beauty has global environmental issues and the health of humanity as a driving force behind the mission.  A quote you often hear when beginning a garden for the first time is, “start small”. We believe making a positive impact in environmental issues and the health of humanity is the same. Work in Beauty has begun, “gardening” this way in the local community with the intent to empower people to improved health while improving  the health of the land. Healing to be done- one and the same- Earth & Human.  Founded in 2005 WIB’s mission is focusing on regenerative land practices. Healthy soil, food, people and planet. 


Work in Beauty has established a 10 acre Eco-Regenerative Learning Center property and hosts free hands on educational workshops. The topics, methods and techniques focused on are biological gardening, building soil life, the importantance of plant diversity, farming, water management, identification of native plants, bee keeping, herbology, plant and herb uses, cooking, healthy eating and movement. Work in Beauty has and continues to build a local network of likeminded individuals throughout New Mexico.  With practical ways that anyone can implement into their gardening and lifestyle, Work in Beauty is a shining example of a small community non profit making a big impact in the world. 


Work in Beauty promotes biological gardening. Biological gardening practices of fostering life in the soil creates nutrient dense foods. These practices exceed sustainability by regenerating soil health through ancestral knowledge combined with modern discoveries. This synergistically improves the health of individual humans, communities, and the ecosystem.


We invite you to join the mission of our collaboration. Remember, no matter how small you feel your action to be, actions of love are felt by mother earth and all life forms benefit.